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miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Sync OmniFocus (Mac) to Android Calendar

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I got it!

I tell the way I do. I have a Mac and and Android smartphone.

I signed up an Yandex.disk account (it provides a Dropbox-like service, and CalDAV support)

I't provides a CalDAV server: https://webdav.yandex.com/[username]

Type that address into OmniFocus > Preferences > Sync (I have it in Spanish, sorry)
Select to Publish Reminders as calendar.

OmniFocus will write into your Yandex.disk a folder with your username, and some files into that:

  • OmniFocus.ofocus  (the OmniFocus database to sync with other Macs or iPhones)
  • OmniFocus-Reminders.ics  (a events calendar with the dates and tasks to be shared with iCal)

If you want it, you can subscribe to that calendar into iCal, but this is no the target of this post.

Then... on the Android:

a) Download ICSSynchttp://www.icssync.com/

Create a new subscription:
  • URL: https://webdav.yandex.com/[username]/Omni-Focus-Reminders.ics
  • Username: [username]
  • Password: [password]
  • Local calendar name: OmniFocus (or what you want)
Check Read only (don't write to remote if you want; I will test if you make changes if OmniFocus will overwrite and delete them...)

And OK.

b) Use ICalSync2: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kc.and.ical
NOTE: This is Free
Proceed in a similar way.


You will have a new calendar into your calendar app!  (I use Bussiness Calendar)


For adding reminders to OmniFocus, there are several ways. One is to send a message to your own email account with the subject beggining with "--" (this is configurable in OmniFocus preferences).

Another way I tryed and seen that works, is with Dropbox help:
In the article it talks about to use iPhone text editor, but there are some Android txt editors that supports Dropbox sync, or use DropSync to do it.
You write a text, DropSync send the text to a folder in Dropbox, and when the texts arrives to the Mac folder, an Applescript Action converts the text into a new task into Inbox.

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YK dijo...

Thank you immensely for the tips! I just want to add that Omnifocus now can publish its own calendar (I use version 1.10.4).

1) Go to Preferences - Sync - Omni Sync
2) Set up an account
3) Check Publish Due reminders as a calendar.
4) Click "Subscribe in iCal".
5) Write down the address.
6) On your Android, get iCalSync2 from Play Store.
7) Go to Settings. In Accounts section, press Add account.
8) Choose iCalSync2.
9) In URL, put the address from 5).
10) Enter username and password.
11) Don't forget to press a Back button and then press the Save button.
12) Done!